False claim: 12 herbs and spices can prevent or treat different viruses

A post shared 1.8 thousand times on Facebook falsely claims that 12 herbs and spices can prevent or treat a variety of illnesses. The photograph shows a list of herbs and is titled “anti viral herbs” ( here ). While some of these herbs may have homeopathic properties, to […]

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Tips to Strengthen Your Immune System

Dr. Katie Takacs, D. C., D.A.B.C.I Gateway Natural Medicine & Diagnostic Center The Covid-19 Pandemic has heightened awareness of what we might be able to do to keep from getting sick. While a number of recommendations exist to prevent the spread of the virus, I’ve had several people reach […]

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Boost your immune system with Ravive Health vitamin-C infusion

Medical assistant Tarbina Lenedrick draws up a patient’s B-12 shot. Ravive Health & Vitality holistic wellness center in Point Loma Village at 2907 Shelter Island Drive, open on a limited basis, is now offering immune-boosting supplements to fight the pandemic. “As we continue to take precautions for the safety […]

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The importance of natural remedies for preventing infections

Amid all the hysteria that COVID-19 has produced, people tend to forget how simple boosting your immune system can be. The world waits for a vaccine produced by pharmaceutical companies, which have shown promise so far , but more holistic options proven to help boost immunity and health are […]

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AGING MATTERS: Keep your immune system strong

Aging Advocate, Editor SeniorCare.com Lifestyle factors Exercise — Depending on your level of exercise, it can be good or bad for your immune function. Maintaining a regular exercise routine, which consists of at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day, has been shown to improve your immune response […]

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The 5 Best Nutrients & Practices For Immunity, According To Longevity Expert David Sinclair, PhD

You might think of longevity a little differently nowadays. Amid a global pandemic, shouldn’t we focus on how to stay healthy in the here-and-now rather than as we age ? But with a COVID-19 lens, longevity and immunity are two sides of the same coin. After all, a strong […]

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PPEs For the Immune System to Win the COVID-19 Battle

A case for studying immune response to battle COVID-19.(Photo: iStock) As an old saying goes: ‘An inefficient virus kills its host while a clever virus stays with it’. And COVID-19 is definitely not a fool, it is here to exist, rather co-exist with its host. This may also be […]

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How to Boost Your Immune System (The COVID-19)

The human body is a system that is composed of many different types of cells, tissues and organs. Daily human activities unconsciously expose this system to attacks by pathogens which could lead to infections and diseases. Fortunately, there is a shield that protects the body from infection and diseases, […]

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7 strategies to boost your immune system

Unsplash/Anna Pelzer Our immune system health is extraordinarily important for all of us, now so more than ever as we battle COVID-19. We are always surrounded by opportunistic organisms whose main responsibility is to break down decaying matter. If we don’t take care of our body, we become that […]

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The effect of innate immunity, cross-reactivity, trained immunity and vitamin D on Covid-19

On 17 May 2020 I had arrived at an Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) estimate of 0.5% after undertaking a review of serological studies. This estimate included an implicit estimate of around 10-15% of the population as being innately immune or having cross-reactivity (i.e. adaptive immunity acquired from other means, […]

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